Mission Statement

The mission of Eangee Home Design is to provide eco-friendly, fair trade home goods. We focus on unique designs that are a collaboration of our experience and the creative minds of the artisans with whom we work. Eangee Home Design believes in fair trade practices which means that all members of our producer groups have access to a dignified working environment, living wages, healthcare, continuing education, and quality housing. Our products are eco-friendly being composed of renewable and/or recycled materials with food based dyes and low-impact finishes. By providing quality goods in this manner, we hope to fill peoples homes with goods that make them smile while supporting artisans and other people worldwide.


Eangee Home Design first opened its doors as a retail outlet for our imports in November of 2003. The inspiration was a gecko lamp discovered by one of the owners while vacationing in the Philippines. After striking up a conversation with the owner and creator of the lamp, he returned to the US and shared his idea with two others and they opened a small store. By January 2007, we realized our potential as a distributor and began our wholesale efforts. Today Eangee is wholesale focused, having sold its retail arm at the end of 2007. We are now a company of four committed owners, and like with our manufacturers, we each bring unique skills and ideas to the table, catapulting the company forward while remaining true to our core values. Starting in retail laid the foundation of how we handle customer service. We understand the needs of retailers and we understand what customers want as well. We strive to continue our great customer service by being open and honest with whomever we are talking to, as well as, providing as much information as we can through our website and other means.


The foundation of the company has been our lamps. Over the years these have evolved to their current form, full of vibrant colors and unique leaf types. We have developed a technique that offers brilliant colors, high quality, and great durability.


Since our wholesale debut, we have been on the search of other items that would complement our collection and have expanded in the accessories department. We have discovered a wide variety of materials from driftwood, to recycled paper, to various recycled metals that are transformed into works of art by talented artisans.


Eangee is now moving forward on expanding the selection of this department as well. We started in 2013 with a few very unique occasional tables, but that is just the beginning. We have expanded our warehouse in order to accommodate new ideas in furniture and will expand this greatly over the next few years.

Initial framework of a Fortune Giant (395 xl)

Finishing touches of a Giant Nito's (314 xl) outer core.

Leaf work! Carefully selecting, cutting, placing leaves to the shades; in this case we are working on a Hue Giant Sea Blue (484 xl sb)

Final touch is the stich work to keep the panels in place, in this case a Jellyfish Natural (399 n)

Employees and owners of our lighting manufacturing company; several people have helped your item along the manufacturing process, each focused on the quality of their work.

Raw driftwood is collected and sorted by weight, shape, and size.

Driftwood is then cleaned.

A basic form is used to get the building process started, noticed each piece is nailed into place.

The pieces of the driftwood series is either left natural or calcified.

Finally, the items are wrapped to protect them, boxed, and shipped.